Second Baptist Church Bristol



Ministry Timeline

August 1982
Called to the Ministry

September 1989
Enrolled at Philadelphia College of Bible

February 1992
Licensed to Preach

July 1997
Ordained into Gospel Ministry

November 2000
Accepted Pastorate at Second Baptist Church, Bristol

Rev. Darryl Jones Sr.

Since coming to Christ, I’ve learned to appreciate that the gift of life God gave to us is more precious than words could ever express, and life is to be lived to the fullest each day. I’ve also come to know and value the fact that marriage is the heartbeat and family is the heart of the church. As pastor, by the authority, doctrines, and force of God’s word, I am committed to preach and  teach God’s word and to shepherd, support and love everyone who comes to the church seeking hope.

Although events and circumstances that take place around us may be troubling and discouraging from time to time, the God who created the earth and this universe has also provided ways and means for all of us to persevere through our struggles because the church bodies locally and collectively are the most important, most powerful, and most influential agents on earth. So, with great joy and honor, we invite you to worship the Lord Jesus Christ with us and to celebrate the reality that God is supernaturally working out all things according to His will, His way and His plan concerning our affairs. And know, that as the days wear away, as we prepare each night to retire, closing our eyes for sleep after prayer, the faith we’ve come to know and trust will be sufficient to transition us to the next phase of God’s planned days for us.
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